Welcome to the web site of the Coalition to Promote the Use of Child Soldiers.

We are a not for profit organization dedicated to helping humanity by encouraging countries around the world to use children between the ages of 0 and 18 as soldiers.

Our primary objectives are to educate the citizens and governments of the world that the use of child soldiers can be a benefit to societies everywhere, by helping children to help their communities - and giving them food, education, practical skills, an income, and maturity at the same time.

Around the world the citizens of developing countries face a life of poverty and oppression. Many of these citizens are children. The world's population is growing at exponential rates, meaning that every day there are more and more hungry mouths to feed.

If only there were a way to solve this problem of growing numbers of children in poor countries...

But there is. There is a simple solution that will enable the children of the world to help themselves and their nation.


A happy young soldier
This happy young african boy is learning the joys and responsibilities of adulthood by joining his country's army. He is also helping his friends, family, and community by fighting for the good of his nation.



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