What can be done?

The answer is simple: Recruit children under the age of 18 as soldiers.

Already, around the world, children and their governments are taking an active roll in solving these problems by volunteering or recruiting children into the army.

By doing so, not only does the country's army have the added benefit of thousands of little hands helping fight for the good of the citizens, but the children themselves learn valuable lessons, and the population is reduced in an efficient way.


Why do we advocate the use of children as soldiers?

It is long known that war is an important part of any strong economy. By advocating the use of child soldiers, we are helping to make war easier and longer lasting for many developing countries. We believe that children are the key to the future, and letting them participate in battle is the best thing they can to the help make the future of their country a brighter one.

The advantages to a country are manifold. Not only are all the children born each day no longer a liability to a developing country, but they can become an asset. The children already born are no longer unproductive members of society, reliant on the help of others, but become self sufficient and productive citizens, fighting wars for the good of their nation.

It creates jobs - both in the developing countries, but also in the western world, where the multi-trillion dollar a year arms industry benefits as well. Children learn vocational skills, making it easier for them to get a job later in life.

For the simple good of the children: it teaches them responsibility, adulthood, teamwork, practical skills, and keeps them off the streets. It also gives children the means to protect themselves.

It promotes literacy and education. The learning a young soldier receives in the army will help him or her the rest of their adult lives.

War reduces the population; and the casualties of minors is a for more effective means of population control, since it affects them before they can reproduce.

Promotes family values.

To continue the heroic tradition of warrior societies.

The earlier these children go to war, the more likely they are to understand it as being a constructive solution to tomorrow's problems, by encouraging the use of child soldiers, we are planting the seeds for tomorrow's wars.

It is fundamental to the worldwide struggle for Human Rights.




A happy young soldier
This group of children in Nicaragua are having lot's of fun, and learning too, by participating in the ongoing war their nation.