My name is Matthias Bruggmann.

A few years ago, I won an award (, and thanks to it, I made a book about the Syrian conflict (but not only).

It is called An Act of Unspeakable Violence / Un Acte d'une Violence Indicible. You can see what it looks like here:

People have written about it, and I have spoken about it, and the issues around it.

Here are some of the most recent instances of that:

In English: (with German subtitles)

En Français: (audio) (audio) (audio)


In the past, I have done other things with and around photography, and won other awards. The take home is that, if you can, you should support the Dr Hawa Abdi foundation (, or, in Syria, the White Helmets (



Art world: Bernard Utudjian at Galerie Polaris -

Everyone else: Jeffrey Smith at Contact Press Images -