As you can clearly see…

Fragile: glass


(published in Photosnouvelles)

At first you thought it might be a crack in the glass. But you soon realized the absurdity of this idea, – the magazine in your hands has no glass. No, you couldn't have thought that.

It is at that moment when you first doubt the reliability of the narrator. It's destabilizing, of course, as it requires you to reconsider the basic assumptions of truth, again.

Happily, you knew you were being led on from the first line.

You sense that something is skewed, but can't put your finger on what exactly it is. Something fundamental, on which everything is built.

YOu start looking for clues. Perhaps the narrator is not simply mistaken, but intentionally misleading. You decide to concentrate on all of the elements which are obvious but which the narrator seems to be ignoring. Of course, the too-obvious would not merit further consideration, such as the existence of gravity, without which unsupported objects would not fall.

25 minutes later; the car. The narrator has not yet mentioned the car. You wait. You continue. Still no car. As time passes, and the narrator continues to not mention the car, you begin to suspect that this is the key to understanding the mystery.

You study the car more carefully. From the accumulation of leaves, you can deduct that the car has not moved for at least a few days (it is now the month of October, leaves are falling continuously). From the absence of a license plate, you could assume it has been there longer. It would be useful to know the vehicle registration number, if this was one of those stories where you had a friend working at the department of motor vehicles who owed you a favor.

The car itself is perfectly unremarkable, it inspires and absence of description. It is a dark blue or black mid-'90s sedan – a '97 Toyota Corolla to be exact (you're probably wrong, but statistically your intuition is correct as this was the most widely sold model for that year)

If only you could see is there were someone sitting in the drivers seat – that could be what the narrator is hiding. Disappointingly, an attempted maneuver to move your head a little to the left, to get a better view, ended in failure.